We have a range of clients who come from the healthcare industry. Our aim is to make the management of the work easier for the people working in the healthcare and hospitality industries. We offer our digital solutions to keep them from hassles associated with the record maintenance.
Here are some of the areas we cover:

Hospital management system

We ensure the smooth working of a hospital by offering our management services. Let it be human resource management, Pharmacy management, hospital property management, patient record management, billing system and more, we have the competences to make any process easier through our software.

Helping doctors

We understand doctors have a busy schedule. They are loaded with responsibilities that can’t be given a backseat. We help them release their stress by assisting them in making appointments and schedules. Moreover, we offer prescription solutions to make their job easier.



It is a challenging task to manage supply chain and keep track of all the dealings you make with your customers. When you are in a manufacturing industry, you have to deal with the inventory, production, customers, sales, payments and more. We, at Sanatan Technovation, help you manage all the work processes. We make software and develop applications to help you manage the complex data easily.

Supply chain management

We help you manage the materials, finances and data through our IT solutions. It is a fact that companies that have great supply chain management are likely to be more productive and progressive. We help you handle all the aspects that are included in the supply chain.


Real Estate

Real estate agents have to strive to satisfy the expectations of the people looking for a suitable property. From the construction of the property to its marketing and selling, everything has to be taken into account.

We cover the following areas:

Construction management

You don’t have to visit the site again and again to check the progress of the construction. With the construction management system, you can keep track of the current progress. Moreover, the system reduces the hassles by helping you manage the materials easily.

Marketing and Selling

With our IT solutions, you can do an effective marketing to make people aware of your properties. We help you connect with your customers and make more sales.



We help retailers sell their goods efficiently to a wide range of audience. Sellers have to consider a lot of things to make their business run smoothly and successfully. We, at Sanatan Technovation, help you manage all the aspects of retailing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is of utmost importance when it comes to getting customers and generating profits. We, at Sanatan Technovation, help you do an impactful marketing that can compel visitors to opt for your products.

Sales management

We put our efforts to help our clients implement effective techniques to boost their sales. We offer our IT solutions to make sure all the sales operations are being managed properly.

Distribution chain management

This is one of the best management systems. It helps you track the location of the goods, no matter where they are. Moreover, with this system, you can check the stock details. We help FMCG companies to manage their GT and MT chains.